Midwest Custom Bowstrings warranties their bowstrings for one year. If the serving comes undone, send the string or cable back and we will repair (black serving only). Be certain that your bow has no burrs or nicks on the cams or any other place where string is contacted. Also cams must be in proper alignment, and the  string running into the cam smoothly. Pay particular attention the cable slide areas, minor blemishes in the cable slide groove will damage the string. Many cam posts have very sharp edges that can cut loop servings. Use caution when installing or removing string and cables. Damage in these areas is not covered under warranty.

Midwest Custom Bowstrings is not responsible for damage of this product caused by misuse or defective bows. It is strictly the responsibility of the user. To assure that this product is used correctly we will assume no responsibility for damages to property or for personal injuries included by the use of this product. Installing this product binds the user to this agreement. We are certain that you will find Midwest Custom Bowstrings products to be one of the finest products of its kind.

If you do have any problems with one of our strings or cables please contact us immediately. Midwest Custom Bowstrings 402-932-3033 or midwestcustombowstrings@yahoo.com