Ted Nugent’s Camp for Kids Instruction

Midwest Custom Bowstrings is proud to support Ted Nugent’s “Camp for Kids” and other youth related organizations. We have a strong belief that the future is in our kids and support all outdoor hunting and archery events.

It’s a full day of outdoor fun including: archery, airguns, fishing, trapping, wildlife calls, outdoor survival and first aid. All kampers leave with fishing pole and a tackle box full of stuff! Lunch and a t-shirt are also included.

Ted Nugent had a dream: To further the conservation vision of his hero Fred Bear. Following Fred’s direction on their last hunt together, Ted created this incredibly successful Kamp for children to learn about nature and man together. A 100% volunteer 501C3 non-profit corporation. Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is operated by qualified families and individuals who deeply care about children and their futures. Every child is treated with love, affection and spiritual guidance by our dedicated volunteers. Lessons in resource stewardship, individual accountability, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, Hunter Safety and law, International Bow Education (IBEP) and basic lessons in life are driven home in an open, honest, caring setting in the wild. Two weekends each summer for kids 11-16 will touch will touch them deeply for up-grade. True North.

For more information, visit Ted Nugent’s Kamp for Kids website.